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At Petröleum Consultores SAS we transform challenges into business opportunities, we provide innovative solutions and comprehensive services in all areas of the oil business, our objective is to promote the success of your company in the changing oil landscape.

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Petröleum Consultores S.A.S. is an international company, with offices in Colombia and Venezuela, whose main purpose is consulting and specialized technical support in reducing geological uncertainty based on the evaluation of petroleum systems, the design for data acquisition Conventional and multicomponent seismic 2D, 3D and 4D converted waves, their processing and interpretation, reservoir characterization, well design and maintenance as well as well rehabilitation and formation damage, evaluation of enhanced recovery and enhancement projects of the recovery factor, and the evaluation and optimization of surface infrastructures, surface facilities, refining, environment and HSE.


We provide coaching and training services in the areas of geosciences, drilling, production, refining, environment and technological solutions. We advise on the generation of reliable oil and gas exploitation and production plans, infrastructure, evaluation of improved hydrocarbon recovery projects, with the participation of articulated and committed professionals in carrying out the different phases of the oil business.


The company has a multidisciplinary technical resource with more than 50 professionals with an average of 28 years of experience in management, research, teaching, operations, we also have technological allies in oil service companies, as well as internationally renowned technology centers.


Petröleum Consultores S.A.S. can manage a portfolio of knowledge management projects in the oil business which includes reservoir delineation and development plans, definition of exploitation plans, technical and economic evaluation of mature fields, review of reserves and the definition of technological solutions.

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