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Services and Consulting

Petröleum Consultores SAS is a specialized provider of services, consulting, training and training of personnel in the areas of geosciences, drilling, production, environment and refining, whose purpose is to minimize geological risk based on the integrated analysis of oil fields. and supported by a group of highly trained professionals and all committed to the execution of the different phases of the oil business.

The company is able to provide consultancies and specialized services as well as training and training in different knowledge management projects of the oil business.

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Seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation. 2D, 3D and 4D quantitative characterization of conventional and converted wave seismic data. Calculation, analysis and interpretation of seismic attributes before and after stacking.


Feasibility studies for the use of seismic inversions; acoustic, elastic and simultaneous and its use in the reduction of uncertainty for the characterization of conventional and unconventional deposits. AVO, AVOZ and AVD analysis.


Development support in parallel programming and intensive computing. Development, optimization and updating of specialized programs in the areas of geosciences, production and drilling in the programming languages C++, Python, R among others. Analysis and modeling of variables associated with spatial and geostatistical information and its application to the use of remote sensors


Implantation de exploitation methods, design, construction, completion and rehabilitation of oil and gas wells, zonal isolation, formation damage, well stimulation, natural flow and artificial lift production methods, surface facilities with flow lines and stations, production manifolds, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, tank farms, crude oil treatment and  refining with the highest standards of quality, reliability, relevance, competitiveness, efficiency and efficiency in short-term productive relationships.

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Application of knowledge of environmental chemistry for the development of processes of: remediation, sanitation and control of effluents and waste in the oil and petrochemical industry.


Optimal and effective treatment of oil-based drilling cuttings with state-of-the-art technological solutions, already applied in other areas worldwide.  Recommendations on advanced oxidation technologies for the destruction of phenols in production waters, and make a better and safe disposal of these. Support for the selection of solid and effluent injection wells.

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In plant shutdowns of industrial facilities, our professionals provide support in technical evaluations related to scope optimization based on risk, evaluation of the effectiveness of the management process of plant shutdowns, evaluation of the planned works of the critical path, definition of the degree of preparation plant shutdown, integrated execution risk analysis, operational risk assessment; analysis of the closure process, lessons learned and best practices, analysis of the extension of the service run, technical support in peer review, analysis of the operational process for decommissioning, commissioning and start-up of process units at plant shutdown, development of inspection and maintenance scopes for static equipment and piping.

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